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23 April 2015

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3 min ago 17:07 G U.S. Operations Killed 2 Al-Qaida Hostages, Including American D: View this email in your browser NPR update preferences Breaking News US Operations Killed 2 Al-Qaida

,5 min ago 17:05 G Breaking News: American, Italian hostages accidentally killed in U.S. operation D: American, Italian hostages accidentally killed in US operation Los Angeles Times | April 23, 2015 | 6

,5 min ago 17:05 BREAKING: US official: Americans, Italian killed in 2 separate drone strikes against al-Qaida targets.

,8 min ago 17:02 G BREAKING NEWS: American hostage held by Al Qaeda, 2 other Americans killed in counter-terror ops, US officials say D: US officials say American hostage Warren Weinstein was killed in January in counter-terrorism

,8 min ago 17:02 BREAKING - US admits two al Qaeda hostages, an American and Italian, killed in January…

,9 min ago 17:01 RIGHT NOW: President Obama Makes a

,9 min ago 17:01 BREAKING WhiteHouse expresses sorrow over one US and one Italian hostage accidentally killed in a US military operation (Reuters)